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Exede Internet 12Mbps areas only.

Exede Internet is available virtually anywhere in the U.S., including parts of Alaska and most of Hawaii. The Exede Satellite Internet Standard Installation is FREE.

Late Night Free Zone

Exede Internet offers unlimited internet usage from 12 midnight – 5 a.m. every night (your local time zone).

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Exede High Speed Satellite Internet is Rural Americas clear choice for the best internet experience. Exede Internet download speeds are up to 4x faster than the average DSL* No more frustrating experiences of slow surfing or waiting needlessly for your downloads.

Exede High Speed Satellite Internet

Please Note  Exede Evolution and Voice is available to customers with Exede 12Mbps service only.

ViaSat, provider of Exede Satellite Internet Service

Exede Broadband Internet Service

Exede Internet by Viasat,
From the Company That Brought You
WildBlue Satellite Internet Service

Why Exede High-Speed Internet?

Exede Satellite Internet, formerly known as Wildblue, is now the most viable option for all of your internet solutions.

Do you find yourself living where there are not many internet providers, extremely slow internet speeds, and not many options available to fit your needs and budget? With Exede, you can now get rural high speed internet access everywhere in the U.S. by the power of the highest capacity satellite in the world, ViaSat-1, state-of-the-art ground equipment, and breakthrough web acceleration technology.

Exede Internet is so fast that it redefines Satellite Internet. Exede Satellite Internet allows you to connect to the web by transmitting data through our satellite system instead of through cable lines. This enables everyone to gain access to the internet regardless of their location. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky and Exede will take care of the rest.

What can you do with Exede Satellite Internet?

Exede Satellite Internet fast speed allows you to:

  • Watch streaming videos, TV and movies with fewer or no delays from buffering.
  • Share photos remarkably fast.
  • Enjoy better video chat.
  • Send and receive files quickly.
  • Use VOIP Phone Services.
  • Browse the web and your email faster than ever.

The installation process is similar to that of satellite TV. Our Certified Technicians will schedule an appointment time that works best for your daily schedule and you can get setup in no time. Call today for some amazing promotions.

Exede Internet is a totally different experience then yesterday’s satellite Internet.

Exede Satellite Internet brings you a super fast internet connection with download speeds up to 12Mbps and upload speeds up to 3Mbps. That’s nearly 4x faster than average U.S. DSL speeds*. With Exede Internet connections, you can enjoy the best of the Internet without waiting or frustration. Plus, our Exede Internet "Late Night Free Zone" offers downloads and uploads with no volume cap between 12 midnight – 5 a.m. every night (local to your time zone).

Exede Internet offers Support,
Safety, Great Services and Savings.

Get FREE 24 hour Exede Internet customer support, Google-powered email, and virus/spyware protection that
other service providers just can't match, with Exede Internet Packages starting as low as $49.99 per month!

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Exede Internet Service and $0 Up-front not available in all areas. Minimum 24 month commitment. For areas where $0 Up-front is not available, a one-time setup fee of $149.99, unless covered by another promotion, and $9.99 monthly equipment lease fee plus monthly service fees and taxes apply. Non-standard Installations may result in additional charges. Equipment must be returned upon cancellation of service to avoid unreturned equipment fees. Requires a clear view of the southern sky. Actual speeds will vary. Use of Exede Internet service is subject to data transmission limits measured on a monthly basis as described in ViaSat's Data Allowance Policy. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time. For complete Exede Internet details and ViaaSat's Data Allowance Policy, visit www.exede.com.  © 2011 Viasat, Inc.. Exede is a service mark of ViaSat, Inc.. Google Apps is a service mark of Google, Inc..

* Comparison for exede internet 12Mbps areas only. Comparison is based on published speed of exede internet 12Mbps service and 3.1Mbps average DSL service as reported by the FCC study of US broadband performance.      FCC Rates Exede Internet Report